Website development

Visions on the Net does website development using the Content Management System Drupal, which is free software and widely used globally. Drupal is extendable and customizable with a wide range of modules, which allows the creation of a website suiting your needs.
Visions on the Net especially has experience with multilingual websites (such as this one), and integration of location data and maps based on (an open source Wiki based map).
I am happy to discuss your needs with you.

Migration to GNU/Linux

GNU/Linux is an operating system based on free software. I am available to advise you on the process of migrating from proprietary operating systems such as Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X to GNU/Linux.
For me, the process of migrating to GNU/Linux is more than just a change of operating system. It is a process that involves the adoption of the underlying values of free software: cooperation, freedom, and much more.

Design of publications

I am designing publications using Scribus, a free software programme for typesetting and layout.
I offer the typesetting of books, design of newsletters, magazines or broadsheets, or of any kind of flyers or promotional material.

Affordable web services for NGOs and social enterprises

Visions on the Net offers affordable web development for NGOs, social movement organisations, and social enterprises.

Get in touch with us if you want to find out more.