Ethical policy

This ethical policy is more than merely a statement of “corporate responsibility”. I cannot separate my work from my visions, and I am convinced that both need to go together.

This has consequences for my work. It means that I will mainly engage with social enterprises, cooperatives, NGOs or social movement organisations that share at least some of my vision: the vision of a more just society, of a nonviolent world.

It also means that I am not prepared to work for organisations or individuals who actively work against my visions and values:

  • governments, police, any kind of armed organisation (including, but not limited to, a state's Armed Forces), or any organisation supporting or promoting violence;

  • companies supporting the exploitation of the environment, or of their workers. This applies especially to companies dealing with the unsustainable extraction of natural resources, polluting industries, or companies which do not support or engage with the unions of their workers;

  • organisations or companies supporting patriarchy, homophobia, or heteronormatism.

  • organisations or companies supporting any other kind of domination.

If unsure, feel free to contact me. I am happy to engage in a discussion, but I am not willing to compromise my ethical principals.