Visions on the Net

We all have our visions. Visions about our life. Visions of a better life. Small or more ambitious visions. Visions of a better society: more just, more peaceful, more ecological, more cooperative.
But it is not sufficient to just have a vision. We need to communicate our vision to create common visions, to make a step in the direction of the creation of a society which comes a little bit closer to our vision.
Visions on the Net helps you to present your visions on the internet. I cannot create the visions for you, but I can make an effort to present and communicate your visions on the internet. I work with you on how to present your visions, and then I will develop a presentation - a website - of your visions.
The rest of for you to do. Or for us together. Because I also have my visions, and maybe we can work together to realise our visions.